9 months to go.


And no I’m not pregnant again. No mas bebés. There are 9 months until the next Warrior Dash here in Arizona. Before I got pregnant I had started training for the Warrior Dash, but my munchkin put that on hold. And then I lost my mojo for the 2013 race and gained a bunch of […]

Vanilla Coconut Almond Milk


So, this post is bitter sweet. Bitter as in, I gained almost all my weight back. Sweet as in, the almond milk you are about to make after you read this is freaking sweet and thick and delicious. Anyway, so yeah, I gained it all back. I’m basically starting from ground zero again. Thank you, […]

Patriotic Coconut Butter Bars


So, last night, I was browsing through some recipes and I came across some awesome patriotic recipes for 4th of July. If you’re on Facebook, you HAVE to check out Just Eat Real Food. They take awesome healthy recipes from different sites and post them.  Not only do you get fabulous recipes, but you find […]

Island Chicken

Island Chicken

My little family was bored with chicken, so I decided to step it up a notch and try something to give our taste buds a vacation.

Blog Makeover!


Hello world! I have done it again… ANOTHER blog makeover. This one (I’m hoping) will make the site look more professional and draw more readers in. Quite a few friends have been wanting me to start up my video blogs again. I tried to do one back in September, but never did another. Well here […]

Giveaway Winner & Workout Apps


So the Giveaway timer is over. Well, it was at midnight my time last night. And the winner isssss…. (insert drum roll here):   ANDREA L.   Congratulations!  Check your email box, Andrea. And thank you to all who entered and shared my page! I really appreciate it. I’m constantly looking for more ways to […]

Motivational Monday Giveaway!

Look a the goodies!

I swear this isn’t a shameless attempt to get more traffic to my blog to motivate myself more… Okay maybe it is. Either way, you get free stuff! I digress. Anyway, I’ve been having some hardcore motivational problems lately. Between arguments about food in my household, lack of will to exercise, and just being plain […]

Suja Juice Cleanse


I’ve always loved juicing. It’s refreshing, nutritious and super healthy for you. However, it’s also time consuming and you have to buy SO much produce that it’s almost impossible to fit a weeks worth in your fridge if you want anything else. I was reading one of Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth‘s posts and […]

Toddler Munchin’s.


So my Little Monster loves food. He begs like a little puppy at your feet whenenver we eat. Since he was able to start munching on “real people” food, we’ve bought the quick, convenient snacks for him such as the Gerber version of Cheetos and whatnot. He used to scarf them down, trying to chipmunk […]

Meal planning for less stress.

Week February 25 to March 3, 2013

Hello, all! I was just developing my meal planning calendar for next week (I’m not stalling at work… not one bit!) and realized that there are probably quite a few of you who could use a tool like that. So I developed one for you guys to download and use. Click the link below to […]